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Your Amazing Nervous System

When you turn on your computer, tablet or device and click Google or FB, you expect that page to appear on your screen. We don’t usually give it much thought, and it somehow magically appears.

When we want to raise our arm, or take a step forward or move in any way, we expect our bodies will respond and those actions will happen. We don’t give it much thought and somehow miraculously it happens.

What do these 2 scenarios have in common? They both require a central processor.

In the case of our movements, that processor is the brain. And the commands are sent via the wiring that is our nervous system.

So if your body doesn’t respond with efficient, fluid movement, or there is discomfort or pain, that’s a sign that there may be a problem with the communication circuits – i.e. the nervous system and brain.

With computers, we can always upgrade the software to keep it functioning properly. The same is true for our bodies.

One way we can “upgrade the software” – improve the communication flow in the nervous system (wiring) and the brain (central processor) is with Somatic movements.

Somatics is designed to wake up our sensory motor system and strengthen neural pathways that essentially correct any communication errors that are causing problems.

You don’t have to force this to happen. It’s enough to move slowly and focus your attention on the sensations of the movements. Over time, with continued practice you are installing and upgrading the software instructions for your own nervous system. And you’re the only one who can do this for yourself. No practitioner can get access to your nervous system and make these kinds of changes.

I encourage you notice this throughout your practice. Try to get a sense of how well those circuits are conducting and how it keeps changing and improving.

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