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Classes & Workshops

All classes, workshops and private sessions that I offer incorporate the principles of Somatics. 

Somatics teaches that most conditions including muscular and joint pain, limited mobility and range of motion, 

sore neck, shoulders, back and hips are symptoms of functional problems that can be resolved. This can be done by accessing the sensory motor system to re-pattern the nervous system with Somatic movements.

As well as Private Sessions you can experience the benefits of Somatics in these ways:

Somatic Yoga Classes

Regular group classes that incorporate Somatics & gentle yoga. In each class, participants are guided through various Somatic movements designed to relax and release muscle tension throughout 

the entire body.

See Current Class Schedule HERE.

See ONLINE Classes HERE.


Intensive workshops for you to delve a little deeper into Somatics and related themes. 

Learn Somatics theory and specific practices to

do at home to resolve pain and functional issues.

Learn more about my Workshops HERE.


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