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Words of Gratitude

"Resting in savasana, Rob Selmanovic's voice washes over me . . . I swear I can feel a cloak lovingly laid upon my energized body. I am in complete bliss. Rob's early morning somatic yoga practice offers me balance and his final remarks, in this moment of heart-openness, sink deep into my soul." 

(from Hollyhock Guest Feedback Forms)

“Rob was great, thank you for the yoga”

“Rob is a fantastic yoga teacher.”

“I would do yoga everyday. Rob was excellent.”

“Loved Rob’s Yoga Class”

“Rob was wonderful.”

"Well-trained teacher."

"The man was incredible!"

“Really like Rob.”

"Rob was particularly knowledgeable and I appreciated his Somatics expertise."

"Rob was amazing!"

“More yoga like Rob’s”

“Rob Selmanovic was outstanding.”

“I would attend a workshop with Rob Selmanovic as I was intrigued by his therapeutic/somatic approach.”

"Rob is an exceptional yoga teacher."

"Rob was very informative."

"Rob is a Master! - Wonderful. "

"Rob was awesome!"

"Excellent yoga instructor!"

"Rob was great!"

“…especially loved Rob’s class”

“Yay Rob! Amazing Thank you.”

"Smooch! Thank you so much Rob!
Your Monday morning yoga class is still with me."

"I didn't get to take any yoga classes while at Hollyhock, but those in my group who did, absolutely raved about Rob!"

“Dear Rob, Your class, your voice, your compassion have opened up another level of grief. I had to leave to sob. Thank you.” 

“Rob’s course was excellent is so many ways – he has a deep background and understanding of the subject and an incredible ability to explain this understanding in ways that meet the different needs of those in the class.”

"THANK YOU again for a wonderful workshop. I have been adding the somatics to my morning practice and noticing incredible results. I have way more energy, I can feel my whole body waking up from its stuck-ness and loosening up

. . . something so simple, fun and relaxing can have such amazing results."  

Soulworks Body Wisdom

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