The Somatics classes and sessions that I offer are derived from the work of founder, philosopher and movement educator, Thomas Hanna. Simply put, Somatics is a safe, gentle system of neuromuscular exercises that works to relieve pain and free up movement by 

re-educating the nervous system to release muscle tension. 

It does this by addressing the root cause of muscular pain – the brain. Using this method, I teach people how to regain control of their muscles which, in turn, corrects misalignment and ultimately eliminates pain and other symptoms.

Why Somatics?
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What is Somatics?
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How Somatics Works

Since so much of the nervous system is unconscious, our bodies can get “stuck” in habits that create poor posture leading to misalignment and muscular pain.


When the brain signal is stuck, muscles cannot release. A new signal from the brain needs to be sent. This is much like rebooting a computer hard drive to “reset” the system.


The goal of Somatics is to regain conscious control of our bodies for ourselves and to break the dependancy on other practitioners to "fix" us. It is a practical approach to self-care that can help prevent a need for medication or surgery.


Learn how Somatics is different than other therapies & yoga.