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Private Sessions

I offer Private Sessions for individuals, couples or small groups where you will receive personal attention to evolve your practice, or focus on specific issues or conditions. 

It is quite common to seek help from medical and other health professionals when there is an injury or health concern that is not going away. If you have persistent pain that has lasted over 3 or 4 months, it is possible that the initial trauma or injury is no longer the problem.


This "chronic" pain may be the result of patterns of the nervous system. Searching for someone to make the pain stop can be futile. It is unlikely that any one practitioner will be able to "fix" the issue.

Private Sessions
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The body knows how to heal itself when you give it the right conditions.

You are the only one who can access your own nervous system to make the changes that will resolve the condition.
My function is to assist you in that process. In Private Sessions, we work together to address the root cause of the problem. I teach you how to access your brain and nervous system to correct dysfunctional patterns that are causing pain.


Private Sessions

If you are ready to make the commitment to your own health and well-being and would like my guidance and support, Private Sessions may be the right choice for you.