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"Rob is a master teacher who intuitively knows how to give each participant “exactly” what they need – with humour, knowledge, patience and above all, love!“



Deepen your understanding of Somatics and related themes.

Experiential Workshops give you an opportunity to learn theory and experience the benefits of the practice.

You will leave with a Somatics practice to do at home . . . and feeling great!


Intro to Somatics Workshop 

This workshop is for anyone who may be experiencing

aches or pain and does not want to resort to medications

or medical procedures.

If you want to break the dependance on someone else to "fix" you, learning the basics of Somatics can help you resolve your symptoms yourself, and become more self-reliant.


In this 3-hour workshop you will learn:

  • the most common muscle reflex patterns that you may be “locked” in

  • how to resolve sensory motor amnesia that is causing restriction of movement, misalignment and functional limitations

  • an alternative to stretching that incorporates the brain and nervous system to re-educate the body

  • a daily practice of Somatic movements and exercises that you can do at home

You are the only one who can resolve your pain and mobility issues because you are the only one who can access your own nervous system. Somatics allows you to get to the root cause for long term relief.

This experiential workshop includes theory and practice to become familiar with Hanna Somatics as a way of taking charge of your own health to resolve pain. The movements are slow and gentle and safe for all body types, abilities and levels of experience. Somatics is complementary to most other forms of exercise and yoga.


This workshop is for all body types and abilities.​ Not appropriate if you are unable to get up and down from the floor.

"THANK YOU again for a wonderful workshop.

I have been adding the somatics to my morning practice
and noticing incredible results. I have way more energy, I can feel my whole body waking up from its stuck-ness and loosening up . . .
something so simple, fun and relaxing can have such amazing results."  



Sample of a past Retreat 

 Somatic Yoga: Movement Solutions for Pain-Free Living

A 4-day immersion retreat at the beautiful Hollyhock Centre on Cortes Island, BC

“One of the best workshops I have taken at Hollyhock. Thanks Rob!”

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Soulworks Body Wisdom

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