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Soulworks Natural Soap

My Soap Opera

I was drawn to soap making quite by chance. Once I got into it, I discovered that my grandfather, who I never met, made his own soap. My father, however, had no interest in making soap. Maybe it’s in the genes and skipped a generation.

I began making my own natural soap mostly because I wanted a really good quality soap, which I had been unable to find on the market. I became intrigued by the soap makers I met at craft fairs and community markets. I loved the varieties of shapes, sizes, colours and scents of their products. It eventually occurred to me that “I can do this.”

I was quite mindful about the quality and type of food I was consuming and was also quite discriminating when it came to other health products I used. For some reason, regular hand and bath soap seemed benign, so I remained oblivious to the subtle craft and qualities of fine natural soap.

Even though I had been quite vigilant about reading product labels, much of the soap on the market didn’t list ingredients. Imagine my surprise to discover that I was absorbing chemicals, artificial colouring, animal fats and other questionable ingredients

each time I bathed.


This revelation set me on a course to create an all-natural vegetable soap with the highest quality ingredients.
That was the beginning of Soulworks Natural Soap.

What Do I Mean By Natural?

It’s true, “natural” has come to mean a lot of different things depending on the context. In the case of my soap, I am committed to using only ingredients that have not been altered or overly processed. This means I avoid all synthetic ingredients, chemicals and artificial fragrance. I use ingredients that are as close to their natural (plant) source as possible.

The oils and butters I use are all clean and pure. I do my best to source ingredients from suppliers who have the same ethics and standards as me.

No Palm Oil

One of the ingredients most commonly used in soap making is palm oil. It is a vegetable oil derived from the fruit of palm trees from Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia. The harvesting of this oil is causing vast destruction of rainforest that is killing orangutans and other species. For more info CLICK HERE

Soulworks Natural Soap contains no palm oil. Instead, I use blends of vegetable oils and tropical butters that create a creamy lather to cleanse and condition the skin. All of my soap contains Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Mango Seed Butter.


There are seven soulful varieties of Soulworks Natural Soap and a Shaving Soap that is handcrafted in small batches on Quadra Island, BC. 

My goal with this soap is to create more than just another “great smelling” soap. Each variety has a unique synergistic blend of essential oils designed

to stimulate the senses, soothe the skin and provide other healing properties. 


Soulworks Natural Soap truly is for your body and your soul!

Visit the Soap Store to learn more about the available varieties and to order your soap.

Soulworks Body Wisdom

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