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Mexico  Retreat  2020

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather like at Punta Monterrey in February?

The area around Punta Monterrey enjoys a mild tropical climate. The days are mostly sunny and pleasantly warm with nights cool enough for a comfortable sleep. February temperatures average around 21 - 26 degrees C and can drop to 15 C at night. It is almost always sunny with minimal precipitation.

Temp in Puerto Vallarta

NOTE: temperatures at our resort 1 hour north will be around 2 or 3 degrees lower

Can we swim at Punta Monterrey?

Fortunately, Punta Monterrey is situated right on a beautiful sandy and swimmable ocean beach as there is no pool at the resort. The ocean water temperature is approximately 17 degrees C. There may be waves on some days depending on wind conditions.

What type of money should I bring?

Mexican Pesos are accepted everywhere. US dollars are also accepted in most places. It's a good idea to get some pesos converted here before you arrive in Mexico and can get more at ATMs in Mexico.

Will I have cell signal and access to internet at Punta Monterrey?

The internet signal at Punta Monterrey is unreliable and limited bandwidth. There is no cell signal at the resort. Prepare to enjoy a time of unplugging from phones and devices.

What time zone is Punta Monterrey in?

Punta Monterrey is in the Central Time Zone.

What should I bring?

Definitely bring your Passport and Medical Insurance documents.
Here is a list of other items to bring or consider for your own comfort.

What is the schedule on a typical day of the retreat?

See Daily Schedule HERE.

What is there to do in the area?

See list of Excursions HERE.

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